Hello everyone, 

My name is Wuzzy, and I hang out in the nurse's office.  I used to be your average ordinary bear.  But I got tired of sitting around all day doing nothing, especially when I could see that Mrs. Kalina, our school nurse, was being so busy with vision and hearing screenings, checking immunizations, giving medicines, and doing first aide, "nursie" things all day.  One day, I heard her telling one of the teachers that she would just love to talk to the children about those important things that kids need to know, like - oh, germs, body odor, dressing appropriately, not eating junk food, going to bed early enough - those kind of things.  But taking care of things in the school health office is a full-time job and she couldn't seem to get time to teach about health too.  I heard her tell the teacher, I wish there "wuz" some help with this, but I just can't seem to work it all in.

Well, here's how I got involved.  When someone says the words, "I wish there Wuz" my ears perk right up, and I hear them.  They don't call me Wuzzy the bear for nothing!  When I heard Mrs. Kalina wishing there "wuz a way", I wrote her, just like I am writing to you.  There sure WUZ some help for her, and I AM WUZ!

I told her that I can't talk, but I sure can write, and that maybe the kids would like hearing what kid's need to know from me instead of from a talking grown up.  Heck, kids love mail and I was tired of sitting on a shelf with nothing to do.  I realized I needed a life - a purpose - an outlet for my creative energies?  So me and Mrs. Kalina teamed up, and my career as a health writer took off!

I now spend my nights writing letters to the great kids here at Schulenburg.  There isn't anything I can't talk about.  Mrs. Kalina and I both believe that it is better to build children than to fix adults.

Till my next letter...