Counselor's Corner

Welcome to the Schulenburg ISD Counselor's Corner

Elementary Counselor (Social, Emotional, and Behavioral)
Lisa Little
[email protected] or 979-743-4221 ext. 236

Secondary Counselor (Social, Emotional, and Behavioral)
Heather Pavlu
[email protected] or 979-743-3448 ext. 262

Secondary Guidance Counselor
Allison Machac
[email protected] or 979-743-3448 ext. 220

Tips for Making your Classes Count
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Ways to Make Your Child be Successful
- Check your child's backpack everyday
- Set a time to do homework
- Have a quiet place your child can read and do homework
- Stay in touch with teachers through email, parent conferences, notes and telephone
- Every home needs consistent rules children can depend on. Put a plan into action, and follow through
- Set limits on TV viewing so that everyone can get work done with less background noise
- Watch TV with your children and talk about what you see
- Stay involved with the school