Good things to know

Health Sites for Children and Families

These web-pages are included as resources for your use. They are  not part of the SISD website.  Although we believe the information is accurate, it has not been researched for accuracy.

Nourishing Children's Bodies and Minds

An interactive Web for youth between 11 and 14, Planet-Know features positive activities to increase adolescents' drug knowledge. Includes: "Virtual Body" --provides factual & scientific information about how drugs affect the body and mind; "Juke Box"-- listen to music from a selection of musical genres; and "Better Things To Do"--an interactive area allows youth to explore career options and lists positive alternative activities.

Body and Mind will tell you all you need to know about the stuff (diseases, food & nutrition, physical activity, safety, your life, your body)  that matters. (for kids.)

Kid's Health - A real neat kid's wellness web!

Teach children how to walk and ride in traffic safely.