Library Policies

Circulation Policy
Students may check out books for a maximum of two weeks with renewals allowed. Overdue books are given a "free week" until fines begin. After the first overdue week, students are charged 5 cents a day, with the maximum fine of $3.00 per book. However, there are special fine rates set for research books that are checked out for a certain amount of days. When these are overdue, students are charged 25 cents a class period and the fine may exceed $3.00. If students have a lost or damaged book, they may not check out any books until the lost or damaged book is paid for. Refunds are given if lost books are returned in good condition.

Computer Policy
Computers are available to students for educational use only. Students must have an Acceptable Use Policy on file signed by the parent/guardian. Permission is needed to print from the computer and a copier machine is also available operated by library staff. Black and white copies are 5 cents per page and color copies are 25 cents per page.