SHS Junior-Senior Prom

SHS Junior-Senior Prom
Posted on 02/03/2022

Saturday, February 5th, 2022 – 7pm-11pm


Prom time: 7:00 pm – 11pm (Arrive between 7pm-7:30pm), Dance begins at 7:30pm)

Location: St. John Hall, St. John

Parent visitation:  Hall viewing open from 6:15 pm – 6:45pm.  Parent & Friend’s may be seated (6:45pm-7:30pm) in designated areas under Pavilion ~ you may watch the students arrive and introductions of each. Parents and guests need to leave the area by 7:30pm.



Students leaving the prom site prior to 11pm will not be allowed to return. 

All rules within the handbook are in effect since this is a school activity.  Males may not wear earrings to prom.  Males and females may not color their hair other than natural colors.  This includes the time scheduled for pictures.  Follow all dress code rules.

If your date is from another high school or out of high school, your date to the Schulenburg Prom must follow the same rules as all high school students.  Please explain these rules to your date beforehand.  Junior High students will not be permitted as dates. Non-SHS students will be required to be approved by Administration from their school for attendance.

Schulenburg Police Department will monitor the inside and outside of the facility at all times. 

Admission must be paid prior to the prom. 

No individual may bring food or beverages into prom.

Attire appropriate for a formal prom is to be worn.  Males must wear a suit, tuxedo, cowboy tuxedo, or attire appropriate for a formal prom.  Females must also dress appropriately for a formal prom.  Dress code compliance with the principal’s directions as announced.  Students not in dress code compliance will not be allowed into the prom.

Suggestive styles of dancing are not permitted.

Prom pictures will be available – along with a Photo Booth for group settings.    All school rules apply for prom pictures.  This is part of a school-sponsored activity.

Alcohol/drug/tobacco use at a school activity warrants appropriate action by the police department and 90 days of DAEP assignment.  Parents will be notified and asked to pick the student up from the prom