Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Schulenburg Independent School District's Mission is to create Shorthorns Forever - Educating and empowering our students for success.

Our Vision

Schulenburg Independent School District's Vision is to see our students:
  • Excited, engaged, and motivated
  • Demonstrate strong character values and ethics
  • Possess the knowledge and skills to be "future-ready"
  • Rise to challenges and manage life's adversities
  • Exhibit pride in their school and in themselves
Schulenburg Independent School District's Learning Environment provides:
  • Safe and secure campuses
  • Inviting classrooms created by highly qualified teachers
  • Interactive teaching in a modern, technologically-advanced, and structured environment
  • Mutual trust and respect for all students
  • Shared resources to unite the community, home, and school
  • A variety of strongly developed programs to explore social, academic, vocational, athletic, and artistic opportunities
Schulenburg Independent School District and its community:
  • Unites in purpose and vision through effective communication and partnerships
  • Cultivates a strong sense of pride and commitment
  • Provides resources that facilitate success
  • Values, supports, and respects diversity