Brandon Brown

Athletic Philosophy

It is important to understand that a large majority of our athletes will never have the opportunity to play sports at the college level and of those that do, most will not receive a scholarship to do so.  If this is the case, why play sports?

I believe that our primary focus as coaches should be to train young men and women for the “game of life”.  It is our responsibility to use athletics as a tool to teach our athletes skills that will make them successful in all areas of their lives, before and after graduation.  While winning is important, it can never be overemphasized as the sole purpose of competition.  Success and failure in sports help us all to grow as members of a team and as individuals.  Learning how to deal with both is a major part of life.  We want our athletes to respond to both with class and good character, while learning from the experience to better themselves for the next competition.  

Brandon Brown
Athletic Director/Head Football Coach
Schulenburg ISD
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